My works of art are an embodiment of my fears, anxieties, traumas and sometimes fantasies. Some of them are known to me and I am able to name them, others “came out” of me only when I start to create. I begin to create when I feel that “something” is accumulating deep inside me for too long. Inside my mind and my body. It causes discomfort, it oppresses me and I want to get rid of it.

Sometimes the creative process can be unpleasant. It requires from me to devote time, to be focused and to look into the depth of myself, so then I can pull out of me things that I don’t want to look at and situations that I don’t want to relive. I don’t like to talk about things that hurt me. Hence, I don’t like to talk about my works. I’d rather they spoke for themselves and… for me. To me creating turns out to be the best way to name and organize my thoughts.

I create from a perspective of my body and my privacy. I try to bring to the surface things that are deeply hidden. Art has a therapeutic meaning for me. I find body, spirit and mind solace in the creative process. I “write down” my reflections with a variety of mediums, from which an assemblage and an object are the best fits.